•Five years experience in Intellectual Property (IP) matters
•Prosecuted more than 2000 trademarks in Indian Patent and Trademark Office
•Prosecuted more than 1000 copyrights applications in Copyrights Office, New Delhi
•Practicing attorney in the District Courts, and High Courts
•Highest Qualification BSL LLB, LLM (Pune University)
•PGDIPR at National Law School Bangalore University
•Participated in 10+ IP awareness programs in Pune, Solapur, Aurangabad, Sangamner etc.


I did my bachelor’s degree in the field of law followed by post-graduation from Pune University with specialization in Intellectual property law. I have a fair understanding about protection various facets of intellectual property rights such as Trademarks, Copyrights and Industrial Designs.

I had previously worked with a Pune based firm named Inrex ITes Systems Pvt. Ltd. (, Pune as a Legal Associate for more than 2 years and 1 month where I gained a rich research experience by working on several legal matters and Intellectual Property Issues in India and International.

I am a partner of firm Legatarian IPR Consultants LLP ( I love to consult/aware clients for accurate and foolproof protection of their intellectual property rights.

Work Experience


Trademark searches and the legal opinions thereon, Trademark registrations, replying to the examination reports, drafting user affidavits, Handling opposition matters, attending hearing at IP Registry, Mumbai, International Registration of Trademarks, Searching Trademark database of concerned country and giving legal opinion thereon, Trademark cases in District court, Pune, Conducting research work in IP.


Client counseling, Registration of copyright work i.e. software as literary work, Cartons, Packaging material, books, websites, labels, Logos etc. Handling all correspondence with copyright office, New Delhi, appearance before the District court, Pune for copyright cases, legal opinions on copyright issues related to media, automobile industries and software industry.


Drafting and Vetting of all intellectual property related contracts such as Trademark assignment agreements, Trademark licensing agreements, Copyright assignment and Licensing agreements, Non disclosure agreements, Mutual NDA, drafted IP policy for a Website, MOU, Drafting and Vetting of Telecommunication related agreements, MOU, NDA. Drafting of End User License agreements (EULA), franchisee agreements, strategic partner alliance agreements, HR related agreements and policies, Drafted Sexual harassment policy for software company, assignment of film rights, live performance agreement, copyright license agreement, artist agreements and other Technology related licensing agreements etc.


Drafting of plaint and written Statement, counter statement, various types of affidavits, giving legal opinions on all matters, drafting of infringement and passing off Notices and reply notices regarding Trademarks, copyright, Patents, Designs. Appear before the courts regarding IP litigation and arbitration proceedings. Appear before the IPAB, Chennai. Filing caveats and appeared before various courts. Filing of suit related to intellectual property matters in District Court and High Court, appearing and filing applications, oppositions in intellectual property office, Mumbai in respect of IP matters.

Core Expertise

Advising on Intellectual Property issues.

Handling Trademarks department and all related issues like -
•Undertaking search and analysis and filing and prosecuting through all phases of application for trademark.
•Drafted and handled opposition matters.
•Drafted matters to be filed before the IPAB/Intellectual Property Appellate Board.
•Drafted matters to be filed before the District Court.
•Advising on infringement aspect and other related rights and suggesting appropriate legal action.

Handling Copyright department and related issues like-
•Advising on Copyright subject-matter.
•Filing and prosecuting through all phases of application for Copyright Registration.
•ISBN Registration for Books. It ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number, a unique code that can be assigned to a book
•Advising of Infringement and other related issues and suggesting appropriate legal opinion.

Drafting of -
•Software related Agreements.
•Technology Transfer Agreements.
•Intellectual Property Assignment & Licensing and related Agreements.
•Employment Agreements, Non Disclosure Agreements.
•Memorandum of Understanding.
•Notices and reply to notices.

Assisting in negotiation of Contracts

Handling of various Legal Issues.